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GHAEM Commercial Industrial Group

GHAEM Commercial Industrial Group started its activities as Keyhan Sanat Ghaem Company (KSG co.) in 1994, by producing parts for the automotive industry and vital industries such as oil, gas and petrochemicals. A wide range of the parts with different grades are made of gray cast iron, ductile cast iron and carbon steel.

This complex is known to be one of the largest and most specialized manufacturers and distributers of cylinder liner for diesel and gasoline engines that manufactures more than 300 different type of cylinder liner for heavy duty, semi-heavy and light engines in the Middle East. In addition to the domestic market, the products of this industrial group are exported to Germany, Serbia, South Africa, Poland, Iraq, United Arab Emirates and other countries all over the words.

In 2015, the GHAEM Industrial Group established the trading company Keyhan Tejarat Ghaem (KTG Co.) for the purposes of creating a closer and more specialized connection with customers, especially in the spare parts market. The GHAEM Group’s Engineering Company officially begun its work from the beginning of summer of 2015 and bears the responsibility of the distribution network, customer relations, branding etc. The organization of the KTG is based on the principle of customer orientation, in order to provide the desired services in different fields of sales to customers.

With the help of a strong and experienced engineering team, reliance on the ability of its expert personnel and by using the latest technology and knowledge, the GHAEM Industrial Trading Group has taken a step in the production and distribution of motor parts. The satisfaction and trust of customers is one of the main goals of this complex which guarantees the quality of products through the help of well-equipped laboratories and an experienced engineering team.


Main office: 4th floor, GHAEM building, No 48, Jalal -e- Al -e- Ahmad highway, Tehran , Iran



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