Iran Khodro Industrial Group (SAPCO)

As the manufacturing of the Peugeot products began in Iran Khodro, the company was able to join the industrial supply chain of Iran Khordro by providing them with the technical and qualitative requirements of Peugeot Company and receiving the quality certificate from Peugeot Company. Over a decade of activity in this field, Ghaem Group was able to become the main supplier of these parts.

I.D.E.M. Company (Cylinder Bush for Benz 457, Benz 352, and Benz 355)

I.D.E.M. Company, as the leading hub in manufacturing diesel engines in Iran, was established in 1969 in cooperation with Benz Company. As the production of the parts became local, Keyhan Sanat Ghaem Company managed to become one of suppliers of this company by supplying cylinder bush for this company’s engines. To this day, the cooperation of the two companies has continued in various technical and commercial areas.

Motorsazan Company (Iran Tractor Manufacturing Company)

 Motorsazan Company, as the pioneer in manufacturing diesel and agricultural engines in the northwest of the country, has succeeded in meeting the need in the country’s market for all types of agricultural engines by producing different types of Perkins engines. Since the two companies started to cooperate, Ghaem Industrial Group is proud to supply all the needs of Motorsazan Company for cylinder bush and has received Grade A from this company.

Saipa Diesel Company- Rena Company (Volvo FH12)

Since the development of Volvo haulers and trucks in Saipa Diesel Company and the expansion of after-sale services for these trucks in the country by Rena Company, Ghaem Group managed to present itself as one of the suppliers of bush for this company and is known as the main component of Volvo products in Iran.

Iran Heavy Diesel Manufacturing Company (DESA) (bush for National Diesel Engine RK215, D87, etc.)

As the designing of national diesel engine D87 started in Iran Heavy Diesel Manufacturing Company, due to the brilliant records of Ghaem Group in the production of heavy and ultra-heavy diesel bushes, the production of cylinder bush for this engine was assigned to this group. The first consignment of products manufactured in 2009 was installed successfully on the engines and the cooperation between the two companies has continued to this day.

Iran Piston Manufacturing Company

This company, as one of the piston manufacturers in the country, has always been one of customers for cylinder bush and Ghaem Group has been able to supply a part of their needs in the past.

MotorSazi Pooya Neyestanak Company (MPN Co)

MPN Co is one of the major manufacturers of light pistons in the country. Ghaem Group was able to become the main supplier of cylinder bush for this company and expand this cooperation over the past few years.

Ring Khodro Pars Company

Ring Khodro Pars, the sole manufacturer of piston ring in the country, has become one of the customers of Ghaem Group to complete its product portfolio.

Payazob Company

Payazob Company


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