GHAEM industrial and trading group

KSG Co, in 1994 started its activities with the aim of casting and machining parts for the light and heavy automobile industry in a complex of about 20,000 square meters with a total area of 4500 square meters. In 2017, by exploiting the second phase of the manufacturing complex, production capacity and product quality have been significantly improved.

The possibility of casting and machining engine parts takes place simultaneously in the form of a production complex and has become a competitive advantage as well as making it possible to obtain customer satisfaction in terms of price and quality of products.

شرکت کیهان تجارت قائم

GHAEM Commercial Industrial Group with experience of two decades of activities in the field of spare parts by studying the needs of this market in 2015 with the aim of establishing close and more specialized relationship with customers and developing the product portfolio, established the independent company Kayhan Tejarat GHAEM Company.

KTG, Trading Engineering company, in order to fulfill its mission in the field of marketing, sales and after-sales service of spare parts with high quality in domestic and foreign markets, in addition to distributing products of KSG co Company to complete the variety of its products, has begun to increase the diversity of its product portfolio. KTG Co.’s short-term plan is to expand its range of components for engine spare parts for light and heavy vehicles.

In pursuit of this goal, the company has obtained the exclusive representation for the piston ring from Prima Company, Poland and the heavy duty valve from AutoVentil Company, Serbia.

GHAEM Commercial Industrial Group

GHAEM Commercial Industrial Group started its activities as Keyhan Sanat Ghaem Company (KSG co.) in 1994, by producing parts for the automotive industry and vital industries such as oil, gas and petrochemicals. A wide range of the parts with different grades are made of gray cast iron, ductile cast iron and carbon steel.

This complex is known to be one of the largest and most specialized manufacturers and distributers of cylinder liner for diesel and gasoline engines that manufactures more than 300 different type of cylinder liner for heavy duty, semi-heavy and light engines in the Middle East. In addition to the domestic market, the products of this industrial group are exported to Germany, Serbia, South Africa, Poland, Iraq, United Arab Emirates and other countries all over the words.