Passenger cars

Department of Cars:

As the leading department in the development of product portfolio, this department has been able to add, other motor products, besides cylinder bush product, to its product portfolio such as the complete kit, ring, camshaft, and cylinder head gasket. New products are defined in the development program of this department. Given the role of this company as the main supplier of IranKhordro Company, the quality of the products are manufactured and controlled according to the technical standards of the automaker company.

Product Namecode
پژو XU7 نهایی
پژو XU7 نیمه نهایی
پژو TU3 نهایی
پژو TU3 نیمه نهایی


Main office: 4th floor, GHAEM building, No 48, Jalal -e- Al -e- Ahmad highway, Tehran , Iran



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